harfon offers you the essential services to move and store your goods closer to your customers..

Reserve your space in our multiple logistics warehouses located in Panama and the United States.

Storage services in our logistics warehouses.

Crossdocking service.

In-bond storage service.

In-bond export service.

Advanced logistics warehouse management systems.

Bring your products regionally closer to your customers by

optimizing your delivery times.

Processing handling and shipping of your online or ecommerce sales.

  • Receiving orders, packing and shipping.
  • Integrationn digital sales channels between Ecommerce and marketplaces.
  • Flexible and affordable shipping rates.
  • Monitoring and handling of returns.
  • Customized packing and shipping procedure.

Support Center HARFON Logistics

We have a network of logistics agents worldwide, we can process and deliver your cargo from wherever your favorite manufacturer is.

  • Booking of shipments.
  • In-house quorum services from factories to ports in Asia and India.
  • Preparation of necessary documents.
  • Intuitive monitoring of load traceability.
  • Preparation and consolidation of cargo.
  • Transfer insurance.

We integrate your digital sales channel for inventory management and make the handling and shipping of your online orders stress-free, allowing you to focus on growing your business.