About us

Harfon is one of the main electrical auto parts brands in the world. Our portfolio covers a wide range of products with an emphasis on alternators, starter motorsand their respective components with original equipment performance.

Harfon and the market

Our product range covers the segments of automobiles, cargo vehicles, agricultural equipment, industrial equipment and heavy machinery. We have a portfolio of more than 1,500 alternators and starters with a wide variety of applications to meet the needs of the global market.

With more than three decades of experience in the automotive industry, Harfon has implemented innovation, development and quality control processes to offer complete parts and guaranteed direct application components.

Our Standards

Total Quality

At Harfon we work everyday to design and produce alternators, starters and their respective components with the Quality and performance of the original equipment, Harfon quality.


Our products cover a wide range of American, Asian and European vehicles with a constant program of development and continuous update of the products portfolio oriented to the needs of these markets.


At Harfon we are committed to customer service and satisfaction as our priority.

Warranty policy

At Harfon we maintain high quality standards in all our products and services which allows us to guarantee their original performance and total client satisfaction.

Harfon Electric – The main electrical Auto parts brand

Enduring Quality

Since 1984